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does anyone have some resources about indigenous history of the americas? specifically something like a podcast or recorded lectures that are free to listen to?

i'm white as hell so i don't want to step on any toes, but also... this is emphatically stuff i should know, and is a huge gap in my knowledge.

i'm disabled/often full of pain meds so i don't have the mettle to pay for and follow a proper course, but if anyone knows free resources, i'd super appreciate it.

(why i'm asking is that i know i could probably find many courses... being taught by white people as if they're teaching about dead civilizations. but i want to actually learn properly, not just be fed more bullshit.

i'm also honestly not opposed to a more casual/pop history sort of style because, well, spoonie brain is not up to grad school level discussion. it doesn't have to pander to me with a puppet show, but i'm just, uh, kinda stupid when pain meds are on board.)

@wigglytuffitout if you do get articles that you want to read but don't have energy to, I highly recommend narro.co to load up articles and read them.

You can also share the articles afterwards. (normal web articles is part of a free service, books and pdfs is a paid service)

@wigglytuffitout Possibly check on the NPR site! They have a LOT of good podcasts, and will probably have at least something, and I'm fairly certain you won't have to pay. Also, they have an app too, so might be convenient!

@wigglytuffitout I haven't read it yet myself, but I have seen Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz's An Indigenous People's History of the United States recommended by several Native folks over the last couple of years.

There is an audiobook version of it so you may have luck with your local library system, or potentially you could get it as a free trial on Audible (only looks to be US version though, sigh).

@rhiannonrevolts @wigglytuffitout I was going to recommend this too. Great book. Let me know if you need help finding a copy


The Seven Ages podcast with Michael Hanks covers archaeology topics across North America. Maybe they will have a few episodes related to what you are seeking :)

@wigglytuffitout seconding Dunbar-Ortiz audiobooks, as well as Robin Wall Kimmerer (she narrates hers!) Both free on Hoopla. Podcasts i'm familiar with: Medicine for the Resistance, Millenials are Killing Capitalism, and the Red Road

@wigglytuffitout not free and not a course(!) but I can fix you up with copies - Gloria Anzaldúa's work is pretty amazing, especially Borderlands/La Frontera, a kind of stream-of-consciousness novel about Mestiz@ history

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