really really lewd, crushes, ??? 

*sees a mutual's posts* oh wow, they're pretty cool, maybe I should befriend them at some point

*sees a selfie of them* oh they're cute too, maybe I should tell them when I befriend them

*sees their nudes* oh they're hot and I kinda want to do Sex Things™ with them, maybe I should tell them when- OH NO


*realises that this applies to like... 10 people* heCK

really really lewd, crushes, ??? 

@lizardsquid extremely relatable

really really lewd, crushes, ??? 

@lizardsquid Thought: I'm already in a relationship

Superthought: I'm already dating 6 people whats one more

all caps 

@lizardsquid I had 1 then 6 suddenly, lets try to get it to double digits


@lizardsquid You have lots of crushes! Try not to crush them.


@lizardsquid nooooo (unless they're into that)

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