gotta say though, i'm noticing that the way they animated the black background characters is... not great. the lips dude. you don't need to put a big outline around the lips.

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started watching hunter x hunter because i want to know the murderhorny clown man. didn't expect to actually like gon but here i am

i've been pretty MIA because all i do is study and play games and watch vtubers. i have nothing interesting to post.

i went back to learning basic coding too. freecodecamp has taught me html and the first steps to css. i wanna finish css and javascript then maybe try java again since i took a java class in college

i started embroidering and cross stitching and after a bit of crying in frustration and confusion i got a couple stitches done :blobcheeky: nowhere close to finished but it got my hands busy for a while

@ultraloveheaven it didnt look weird dw!! im just not super active on masto since i dont follow enough people to keep me entertained lol i'll check it out!!

@ultraloveheaven yeah being in my room or even my apartment just made me feel tempted to take breaks (aka nap). being away from home helped my motivation a ton

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@ultraloveheaven i loved being a laptop coffee shop person in college. the change of scenery away from my dorm worked wonders on my productivity

been making myself go outside while the puppy is in the yard and ive been repeatedly getting sunburnt on my arms specifically. the only sunscreen i have is my face moisturizer with spf in it. surely this wont have any consequences.

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Please add alt text to your images. It doesn't just help blind and low-vision people. It helps the fully sighted on crappy computers and crappy browsers and crappy connections to understand what you're showing us.

Please add alt text especially if you're sharing a text-only screen capture. The alt text description limit is a lot higher than the main post body text limit.

if i burn music onto DVD RW with no visuals can it be played in a CD player or would it have to be CD RW?

im really hungry but if i go downstairs and get food the puppy will wake up and im not prepared to watch her yet so im just gonna starve i guess. maybe ill do more stuff on my desktop to distract myself idk

my puppy is so clingy today, i left the room to use the bathroom and she followed me and laid down on the floor

the angel in my system is pretty sad about my feelings but tbh div should know better than to expect me to be optimistic :blobnervous:

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@ultraloveheaven me too, microblogging is the only social media i use! long form blogging is too much of a commitment and too formal for me

would love it if someone could link/recommend some ways to get started with . i realized yesterday that im incapable of feeling hope and i'd like to rectify that.

@ultraloveheaven thank you! i'm using a premade layout but i lowkey want to change it because it doesn't feel unique to me yknow? so i'll def check out the template maker once im back on desktop!

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