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Ruzzia admits openly to the deportation of 700.000 children!

Heartbreaking testimony about the deportation to Russia and forced adoption of Ukrainian children. How one of them managed to come home.

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youtube.com/watch?v=EHPBaPtLFf ⚡️🇵🇱 Ukraine's brave dog "Patron" makes his debut in animated series | Pulse Of Culture (TVP World - Polish News in English VIDEO) #Ukraine #Patron #News #War #Russia #WarDog 💛PATRON💙

The OSCE said that its mission is not present in the Donbas

Yesterday, journalist Andriy Tsaplienko showed a photo of OSCE vehicles at a checkpoint near Izvaryno, Luhansk region. He added that the cars were moving from the direction of the Russian Federation, and the Russians can use the transport as a provocation.

Decent, normal people doing what they can to save lives and help. Interview with the Kazakh volunteer who saved over 300 Ukrainians from the Russians


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15-year-old Mariya Lebid was killed by Russian missile when it struck her home in Dnipro on Jan 14, 2023. #Ukraine

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t.me/United24media/3302 ⚡️🇨🇭 Switzerland has begun work on a reform that would allow some countries to export Swiss-made munitions to Ukraine after international criticism of its restrictive arms export law, reports NZZ am Sonntag. #Ukraine #News #War #Russia

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Remember the famous yellow kitchen swinging in the air after the terrorist attack in Dnipro? Here’s a photo showing the family that used to live there. The sisters are seen celebrating their little sibling’s birthday.

Mykhailo Korenovsky, father of the family, a prominent boxing coach, was murdered in his apartment on 14.01. by the Ruzzian missile. #RussiaIsATerroristState

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Russian occupiers are increasing the pace of deportation of Ukrainians from the temporarily occupied territories by intentionally creating unbearable living conditions.

People are being deported from Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions to Voronezh, Sverdlovsk, Kursk, Rostov regions and Krasnodar Territory of Russia. There they are kept in unsanitary conditions in abandoned sanatoriums and dormitories.

💡 Source: National Resistance Center. #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar

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t.me/liveukraine_media/4393 ‼️🇺🇦Ukrainian supermarkets refuse to sell Bonduelle products. Silpo, VARUS, NOVUS and ATB retail chains have declared their refusal to sell in their stores the products of the French manufacturer Bonduelle, which provided humanitarian aid to the Russian occupiers. This was reported by the press services of the companies. Recall that at the end of (more) #Ukraine #News #War #Russia

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Last July, the EU flag was brought to the plenary hall of @ua_parliament to stay.

Since the very first day, Europe has stood united and in solidarity with Ukraine.

We will continue to stand by our Ukrainian friends.


🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/EU_Commission

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t.me/United24media/2357 ⚠️🇷🇺 Because of the sanctions, Russia is forced to withdraw $4-5 billion from the National Wealth Fund every month to replenish the state budget — Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. The agency expects the Russian economy to contract by 5.6% by the end of 2023. As early as next year, the collapse in profits from energy exports of the (more) #Ukraine #News #War #Russia

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Finnland, YES!
RT @HeliosRunner
Finland deputy propose to be the first in Europe to start supplying #Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks

Deputies Anders Adlerkreuz & Atte Härjanne made a speech in which they stressed that the transfer of even a small number of these tanks will start a discourse on the need for other

Lithuanian Foreign Minister: Russia needs negotiations not about Ukraine, but about its own destiny

“If Putin does not come back to reality and if Russia does not come back to reality, there will be no Russia in the new reality. They need negotiations not about Ukraine, but about their own destiny," Linas Linkevičius said.


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