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I don't know if this belongs here or not - it was my cheat project. When we bought our current house we needed a buffet for this niche in the dining room, but couldn't find anything we liked and fit and could afford. So I cheated. 3 custom kitchen cabinets screwed together, and I built the top and base out of a matching maple. I thought it would do until we found something. That was 20 years ago.


Speaking of autistic traits - does anyone else shred the upholstery if you're in a car that squeaks or rattles? I can't buy a car if it has anything like that, and if one develops I'll track it down and refasten it, lubricate it, or replace it.
Patterns of noise I can handle, but random noise just tap dances on my last nerve.


The hyperfocus thing can be a real benefit. I restored a 1978 Mercedes 450SL - a car I knew nothing about, except it was cute, and I wanted it. By the time I was done I was the forum subject matter expert for the Bosch D-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection system, the suspension, and the vacuum system (door locks, HVAC, a bunch of stuff).

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Mine started when I was about 23. Like you I just get the light show, which is over normally quite quickly. Never have worked out what triggers them, beyond sometimes a bright flash of light.

It's okay to resist capitalism on an iPhone. The feudal lord who owned the pitchforks the peasants killed him with probably observed the irony too.

That overlay has been very difficult for me to interface with. Having to realize that the question "so what do you do?" was more often code for "what is your job title?" essentially, and that there is an instant hierarchical judgment and placement made at the response.
If i'm responding to "so what do you do?" naturally, it ends up being verbs and identifiers, traits, things like that, like this thread mentions above.

them: "so what do you do?"
me: "oh, i tinker, i make, i mess with things really, i like learning things, i try to be helpful and try to show that i care, ..."
them: "..."

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Remember Christian Cooper? Bird watching while black in Central Park had 911 called on him because his blackness threatening someone. Must have been those dangerous binoculars!

Christian will be the host for National Geographic's new show "Extraordinary Birder", a six-episode series to premiere June 17, on Nat Geo.

'I asked people one question: Who are you?

Almost unilaterally, non-autistic people began describing themselves in terms of their relationships to others– if they were a parent, a spouse, what their career was, where they lived, what their religion is, and what their roles were related to others (sister to a Senator, military brat, pastor’s wife, soccer mom, etc.).

And, almost unilaterally, #Autistic people described themselves as what they loved to do, what their values were, and what they had experienced. Many even said this, having intuited the basis of the theory. Among the answers were, β€œI am a verb,” or β€œI am what I love,” or β€œWho I am is what I do.” Autistics would answer, β€œLover of Justice,” or β€œDreamer,” or β€œOne who values autonomy.” Some would describe themselves as a β€œlover of” or β€œobsessed with” an intense passion, like trains, lichen and fungi, or theoretical physics and black holes.'


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I was asked by a woman "why would you give up your womanhood, such a great thing to be?" about me being non-binary. I never gave up womanhood. I have never been a woman. I used to wish I could be, tried forcing myself to be, because I agree, womanhood is a wonderful thing to experience and it's so amazing and powerful. But I never related to it, never satisfied *any* gender expectations, never looked in the mirror and felt like I'm a woman. So I'm non-binary, and it's just as wonderful.

Would you like to watch some videos about a guy who rescued a lobster from a supermarket and built him a fantastic aquarium. Do a (you tube) search for leon the lobster.

πŸ’› Florida Is Openly Hostile to African Americans

As a registered Black voter who has had his Black-held Congressional district gerrymandered out of existence, rest assured when I tell you things aren’t as bad as you’ve heard. They’re WORSE. 

–@clayrivers @ourhumanfam

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