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I don't know if this belongs here or not - it was my cheat project. When we bought our current house we needed a buffet for this niche in the dining room, but couldn't find anything we liked and fit and could afford. So I cheated. 3 custom kitchen cabinets screwed together, and I built the top and base out of a matching maple. I thought it would do until we found something. That was 20 years ago.

In related news, I need to get a bite guard before I grind my teeth down into stumps, so I got a 3-D scan of my teeth and the lady doing the scan told me I have nice teeth and I said "Thanks! Your coworker just cleaned them!" because Iโ€™m an absolute weirdo so now I can never go back.

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Planning on attending another nearby #pride2024 celebration tomorrow afternoon. It's about an hour's drive each way, and runs from noon until 10pm. I'm hopeful that I will have the requisite #spoons in order to go the day.

Last time, the crowds didn't overwhelm me, which I was pleased by. I assume that had a lot to to do with being around my tribe.

#Pride #LGBTQIA #LGBT #Trans #Transgender #TransJoy #TransPride #spoonie #ActuallyAutistic

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@actuallyautistic #actuallyautistic Does it bother anyone else when someone folds your laundry for you? I do appreciate the effort and the intention, but half the time I have to go back and refold everything because it wasnโ€™t folded the way I need it to be for me to put it away or organize it properly. I would rather just do all the folding myself lol. Idk, I know that probably seems selfish but it does irk me sometimes.

My Dad Was Gay โ€” But Married To My Mom For 64 Years. As She Died, I Overheard Something I Can't Forget.

just called ai "the mediocrity machine" in a meeting and a tech bro is twitching so hard he can't even plug this into the mediocrity machine so it can tell him how to respond

๐Ÿ‘๐ŸปIn a sweeping change that could improve millions of Americansโ€™ ability to own a home or buy a car, the #Biden administration will propose a rule Tuesday to ban medical debt from credit reports.

Quote of the day...

"Everything looks like a conspiracy if you don't understand how anything works."

Hey, so I made an online course to teach absolute beginners the basics of HTML/CSS. Iโ€™m so gosh-darned proud of it โ€” and the three years I spent putting it together. I put a lot of myself in there to make it the sort of welcome mat into front-end development that we need to get more folks coding.

Now, Iโ€™m also super shy about sharing stuff like this. But Iโ€™d really love for you to check it out and pass it along to those who need that welcoming path into the front end.

Senate Republicans BLOCKED the protection of a right to contraception LAST WEEK!
Vote for #WhatHappensNext!
#BidenHarris2024 #BidenHarris4More

Asking on behalf of a friend who is losing their vision: what screen reading software do you use?

Do me (and them) a favor and boost?

Andarna, the adorably sassy young dragon in the โ€œFourth Wingโ€ series, is the only dragon Iโ€™ve ever read about with an inborn disability, which makes me relate to her.

#RebeccaYarros #FourthWing #IronFlame #Books #Disability

#OtD 11 Jun 1943 Karl Gorath, 20, a nurse, was deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp for homosexuality. He managed to survive until the end of the war, but was soon rearrested and jailed under the same Nazi law by the same judge in West Germany

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