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computer fairies says kill all TERFs and radfems

Registrations are currently locked as we're experiencing an increased number of spammers. If you or someone you know would like to join Computer Fairies meanwhile, feel free to ask us for an invite!

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a gentle reminder to everyone in computer fairies that we do have a (admittedly vague) code of conduct that boils down to: be nice and don't upset people, also follow laws

this is my instance and you are using a service i am paying for (with donations from those who choose to contribute) and maintaining, if you cannot follow the guidelines (i.e. if you upset the very instance admin), you will be suspended.

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hey if you think it's ok to make holocaust jokes because you're jewish at the very very least please CW them so i don't have to suspend you from my instance because not everybody is comfortable with that

A reminder that Computer Fairies stands against loli fetishizing and underage sexualization and pornography. If you see any posts supporting those views, please report them to us. Thank you.

new emoji!

:plurality: copied over from and :queerplural: for queer plurality adapted from this post on tumblr

:robotlove: registrations temporarily closed due to spam, please hold

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Computer Fairies is 2 years old today!

πŸŽ‰ 🍰 🎊

Computer Fairies now has support for incoming markdown-formatted toots from thanks to help from @multiple_creatures!

A list of bbcode supported in Computer Fairies:

spin - text spin (please CW if using!)
pulse - text gently pulses in opacity
large= - where # is 2 to 5, makes text bigger
size=# - where # is font size in pt
flip=# - where # is either vertical or horizontal, flips text
b - bold
i - italics
u - underline
s - strikethrough
color=# - where # is HTML color name
colorhex=# where # is hex color code
code - monospace codeblock
quote - blockquote

images currently not working on computer fairies due to wasabi being down for maintenance

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Computer Fairies

Computer Fairies is a Mastodon instance that aims to be as queer, friendly and furry as possible. We welcome all kinds of computer fairies!

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