Folks, I'm really sorry. Computer Fairies went down because I made a stupid mistake. I gave the site host a CC to hold & draw payment from, but it expired last month, and I forgot to give them a new CC until today. Again, I'm really sorry about the downtime.

We are now up and running on v3.4.1+glitch

Thank you for your patience, fairies.

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Computer Fairies is shutting down now for upgrades. We'll be back shortly. :computerfairies:~arielmt

I rebooted the server just a few minutes ago. Sorry for the unscheduled downtime, fairies.

Facebook's upcoming invasion of the fediverse is not welcome at I have just preemptively suspended

Hey, Computer Fairies!

So I had to migrate our emails (for notifications, confirmations, &c) to a new host, and they defaulted to inserting web beacons and rewriting links in order to track you, and without telling me.

I've just turned that tracking crap none of us need off, but please, *please*, **PLEASE** let me or @arielmt know if you're still getting tracking links in your email notifs!

Thanks, and sorry.

@Lenalia Hi. We have no limits on the domain, and we're federating normally on our side as far as I can tell.
:computerfairies: arielmt

re: Mastodon UI question 

@Lenalia @mavica_again Thank you for the suggestion. I just did the same for all of us.
:computerfairies:​ arielmt

Computer Fairies folks, it looks like I messed up.

I ran the sync twice, and I didn't ensure that the second time wouldn't delete anything. It looks like any of you who posted pictures or updated your av on Saturday night or Sunday morning lost them.

I'm sorry.

Hello, friends!

The data sync took much longer than we expected, but it finished successfully. This instance's server and data migration is complete.

Thank you for your patience.

:heart_cyber:​ arielmt

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The 9-10 hour estimate was wildly off, but the work is still progressing smoothly. New media appears to be saved properly and accessible immediately, and old media is getting less and less broken.

:computerfairies: arielmt

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Yes, it's an avatar-less text-only experience until then, too. Just hang on. ~arielmt

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Hello, friends!

We're back, and we're on the moved server and data bucket. Your media files may be missing, but only for a while. The data sync is still going in the background, and we think it's going to take about 9-10 more hours, but it could be longer.

Please observe the no-posting sign has been turned off, and thank you for flying!

:computerfairies:​ arielmt

Hello, friends!

We're going to have to take Computer Fairies offline for an hour or two in order to sync data and transfer the server to Ariel's care.

We plan to start this more or less at 00:00 UTC on Thursday (8:00 PM EDT Wednesday) this week. We'll make a follow-up post and announcement after that work is done.

:computerfairies:​ arielmt

Hey friends!

We are very happy to announce that the instance will now no longer be shutting down at the end of the year and will instead keep running, helmed by our very own @arielmt!

We're currently handing over all the relevant things and Ariel will be taking post as full and sole administrator in the near future

we welcome those (within reason, and our own personal vetoing) who would like to help keep up the instance, and we pledge to keep the instance online until the end of the year for that matter.

we thank everybody who has shown us solidarity, friendship and kindness in these past 4 years.

i, personally, will not be making a return to the fediverse if and when this instance closes, but you can find me elsewhere.


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i'm sorry about the closure of computer fairies, but after 4 years of fighting the software and the external community, for as little upkeep as we strain ourselves to do these days, it still hangs around our necks like an anchor at high sea.

we'd love nothing more than to continue to provide the service for the few who we are thankful for continuing to stick with us through this whole journey to this day, but the financial and technical upkeep cannot be justified in its current state.

We wish all of you on the fediverse the best of luck.

If you'd like to keep in touch with us then you can find us on Discord at

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Hey friends

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and so it is with the mastodon server

We've had a good time but sadly us on the admin team can no longer give the instance the time and attention it deserves. As such, unless we can find someone willing to maintain the instance, we will be shutting down by December 31st of this year. If you would be interested in maintaining the server please get in touch with either @troubleMoney or

Apologies for the short downtime just now, we had to migrate to different hardware

Thank you for flying

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