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I would like to turn all the pain and sadness felt by those I care about into a single black bone. A femur of mirrored charcoal. And then I would take it in my enormous shaggy jaws and shatter it into glitter and kohl and breathe it in and swallow it and remove it from this world

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About me:

1) I’m trans and sapphic
2) I have lycanthropy
3) I was born to write
4) I love to run
5) I’m dumb as shit
6) I’m doing my best

I should be paid $125,000 USD yearly to put on my werewolf suit and just walk around. I can explain this to any skeptical business dweebs by saying something like “causing a commotion is good for the economy”

Creature Design Challenge: Don’t Just Put Horns or Antlers on a Wolf (impossible)

The heat, direct sun exposure, and reliance on water and salt tabs were all working against me, but Coach wanted 5 hours of solid effort, and I think I provided.

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I've put off today's long run for three hours, which is 60% of the amount of time I'm supposed to run.

exciting new #webgbcam 4.1 release!

you can now control a sharpness filter that is based on the filtering from the real Game Boy Camera hardware!

New on the Secret Area: It's Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.

A story of "how the hell did I get this game?" had me finding a perfectly average action-platformer.

Likes, shares and comments appreciated, as always.


Today while I was out running an errand, I saw a femme person whose shape, comportment, and wardrobe were all exactly what I wish I could be/have/wear as a human. That she was 20 years younger than me and also did not have her skeleton warped by The Wrong Puberty did occur to me, but not before I felt a wave of envy and self-loathing as sharp and disfiguring as a scalpel.

Boost this toot if you quietly say hello to dogs when you see them even if they can't hear you or have a strong fantasy of committing arson against billionaires

FFMPEG is so great… whatever it is you need to do with a video file, all you have to do is type "ffmpeg [thing i need to do] into Google", copy-paste your first result, and then it doesn't fucking work

A friend received this art of their cat (commission done by flowerprincedraws) as a birthday gift

no one has ever surpassed the animated netscape logo's ability to make the internet feel majestic and awe inspiring

Being a trans person means suddenly having to be an expert on endocrinology, fetal development, genetics, psychology, anthropology, civil rights law, and now the history of genocide, just to explain, justify, and advocate for our existence and experiences.

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