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I would like to turn all the pain and sadness felt by those I care about into a single black bone. A femur of mirrored charcoal. And then I would take it in my enormous shaggy jaws and shatter it into glitter and kohl and breathe it in and swallow it and remove it from this world

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About me:

1) I’m trans and sapphic
2) I have lycanthropy
3) I was born to write
4) I love to run
5) I’m dumb as shit
6) I’m doing my best

q: if you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

a: you already are an animal

- douglas coupland, microserfs

I wrote a new werewolf story about what it feels like when gender transition isn't enough. Look for "Spit" in the upcoming first issue of DOG TEETH, "a lit mag dedicated to queering sex, gender, species, and everything in between"

Do I have any mutuals in the London, ON area who would be interested in volunteering to spook people at Grosvenor Lodge with me for a few weekends this Halloween? I am assembling a literal werewolf pack and I need help.


It was always going to come down to this. There's no other way. There's no other choice. It's werewolves versus everything.

After eight years, 11 issues, and 200+ contributors, the final issue of my anthology series "WEREWOLVES VERSUS" is out today. It's 259 pages long, featuring 20 entries and stunning front and back covers. I'm incredibly proud of what we made. Please check it out!

thinking about forest fire smoke-filtered sunlight streaming through the forest canopy at 9:45am and splashing against the ferns and moss in overlapping highlights of tangerine and coral and cinnabar and lemon. perpetual sunset in a wilderness that may burn but which will never die

Meet me at bench in Lowes returns area in the next 12 minutes if u want an ass kicking

I’ve been working on Werewolves Versus for eight years. I’ve been training to finish the Squamish 50 for three years. Both pursuits have taken up almost all of my free time outside of work. Both will be over in three weeks. Maybe it’s okay that I don’t pressure myself to write new fiction right now.

the girls call me a theremin the way I make weird noises when they get close

if we are friends and you think the Van Helsing (2004) werewolf represents "the best werewolf design", we can still be friends, but i am never going to ask for your input on aesthetic matters, or put you in a position where your choices can embarrass me

LB: I have commissioned mavica and been gifted art by it and they are among my favourite things to have as my avatar. This is my Macintosh System 7 monochrome portrait as done by @mavica_again. It’s current my Zoom profile pic at work, and it’s probably the best likeness of any art I’ve received. For real, commission it!

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