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I would like to turn all the pain and sadness felt by those I care about into a single black bone. A femur of mirrored charcoal. And then I would take it in my enormous shaggy jaws and shatter it into glitter and kohl and breathe it in and swallow it and remove it from this world

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About me:

1) I’m trans and sapphic
2) I have lycanthropy
3) I was born to write
4) I love to run
5) I’m dumb as shit
6) I’m doing my best

the prog and the cbd hit at the same time, turning me into a wolf in the breakfast nook

re: overwhelmed anxiety dump 

nothing's wrong. these are the elements of the life I've made for myself, and they're good.

i just want to pause it all and lay down and awaken six months later without this feeling that i'm only two steps away from slipping on a wet rock and falling into the river and getting carried away

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overwhelmed anxiety dump 

there's so much going on.

i'm volunteering at a race tomorrow. then i have a 3-hour run. both events will likely be in heavy rain.

i just sold my Predator suit today, and i need to package it up in a box that's almost bigger than my car and ship it to the eastern United States. the proceeds will service some debt.

it's my period and there's a full moon coming.

it's TDOV and i don't really want to be seen as trans. i want to be seen as yellow eyes in the dark.

New on the Secret Area: It's BlackOPS, a mod for Half-Life.

A mod that looks at the underutilized Black Ops soldiers from Opposing Force, with TWO (!) different variations.

Likes, shares, and comments appreciated, as always.

81. a random sad werewolf
82. a werewolf! it's got a passport! WHERE WILL IT GO?! (Philadelphia)
83. a skeleton explorer, where will she go?
84. wolf got buried in snow on it's birthday

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due to some food mistakes made last night i am feeling extra bitchy today. extremely tempted to say unkind things about werewolf character design choices that i dislike, or complain about local vendors never calling me back. instead I'll just say: fuck the Yankees

Asserting that I am the Howard Moon of the team and receiving polite indifference in return. Classic Howard stuff

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Trying and failing to get a Mighty Boosh riff going in the work chat

intrustive thought ~ 

i want to bite my hand really hard and feel fangs, not human teeth

guys always love to telling people about" Machine Learning"
but they do not care of, "Machine Yearning"

Transmedicalism, like all other forms of cishumanism, commits the fallacy of assuming that there's a 100% Normal Human™, and that the goal of medicine is to make all humans into this platonic form. In doing so, it rejects morphological freedom and precludes the possibility of using the tools of medicine to make humans into something better or more diverse than what society considers normal.

Let's just say, there's a reason why transhumanists were among the first to call out transmedicalism.

Are there any actual specialists in and in the Southwest UK or is it all people who insist you're just not exercising through the excruciating pain enough?

I'm happy to announce that after months, days & nights of work, NEXXT 1.0 is published to itch.

NEXXT is a NES graphics / level tool.

Adds tile based collision editing, lines/shapes, improved 8x16 sprite mode support, mirror, smudge, coat, and much more

Find it here:

#NESdev #RetroGaming #gamedev #8bit #PixelArt

[mandible clicking sound]

Last time getting fully suited up in my Predator suit before I box it up and ship it to a new owner. So high maintenance, so fun to wear!

Every once and a while I just want admin privileges on my database row(s) in some website. Just let me fix it. I won't break it. I promise.

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