It was always going to come down to this. There's no other way. There's no other choice. It's werewolves versus everything.


After eight years, 11 issues, and 200+ contributors, the final issue of my anthology series "WEREWOLVES VERSUS" is out today. It's 259 pages long, featuring 20 entries and stunning front and back covers. I'm incredibly proud of what we made. Please check it out!

Meet me at bench in Lowes returns area in the next 12 minutes if u want an ass kicking

LB: I have commissioned mavica and been gifted art by it and they are among my favourite things to have as my avatar. This is my Macintosh System 7 monochrome portrait as done by @mavica_again. It’s current my Zoom profile pic at work, and it’s probably the best likeness of any art I’ve received. For real, commission it!

*leaning in way too close to the mic* conditions are perfect, Senator

Selfie, fitness, injury 

My haters rejoiced yesterday when I fell down the stairs while holding a plate of snacks in one hand and a full cup of coffee in the other, acquiring an eggplant-coloured bruise on my ass the size and shape of a banana. To those haters I say: hello from the trail, motherfuckers

Some exciting personal news! I am so proud to introduce you to a new addition to our family.


Area Cryptid Demolishes All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Restaurant

“She ate every scrap of beef and chicken in the building and just kept going,” says beleaguered owner


Who’s up for a 5-mile easy trail run in humidity that makes your glasses fog up? Sweaty bitches only!!!

What an innocuous way to conclude over a decade of waiting. I got up just before dawn to get a drink and discovered that a new Boards of Canada song is out

ancient selfies 

A photo storage site from the mid-2000s just emailed me to ask for money to preserve the photos I put on there 15 years ago and then forgot. I downloaded them before deleting the account. What a weird time capsule. Who was this guy from July 2008


After two hours out of the house with all four cats (for the sake of an open house) I am home, laid up with a bad back, and Oni is purring and rubbing her face all over me

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