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Last time getting fully suited up in my Predator suit before I box it up and ship it to a new owner. So high maintenance, so fun to wear!

I don't want to give their host network any more money because fuck em, but I do love this MBMBaM sticker...

selfies, trans musings (+) 

Different poses but both happy mid-run photos. March 2019 vs February 2023. 29 months on HRT vs 64 months. Something’s different around my eyes (other than glasses, haw haw) and mouth/jaw. I’m about 15lbs heavier now but a lot of that is muscle. I dunno. Being trans is WEIRD.

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(Old) selfie 

This photo from four years ago appeared in a Home Screen widget on my phone, and I spent a full two seconds going “who’s SHE?” before realizing it’s me. Being trans is so weird

imo you should commission @mavica_again for a portrait maple.pet/commission

it''s drawn me twice in different styles and i am still shaken by what a good likeness it captured with so few colours and pixels

My short story "They Say Don't Get Clocked" is temporarily available for free (argylewerewolf.itch.io/dont-ge) because a wise friend said that an anxiety-laden allegory revenge tale involving a is something voters might like.

The Hugo nomination period is now open so check it out, and if you're able, please consider nominating it in the Short Story category! (Hugo site is real slow, sorry en.chengduworldcon.com/hugo-aw)

Photos from the race last month have arrived. I APPROACH (the finish line)

I was a gentle creature last night, but if anyone saw the way I just consumed eight of these spicy dill chicken nuggs, they’d del Toro Wolfman me

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Taking my full moon energy tonight and applying it to making low FODMAP blueberry scones with lemon glaze for my partner. It’s not as fun as bringing her 65% of a deer I caught, but she appreciates this more.


I get my money for nothing and my air-dried waves and ringlets for free

werewolf transformation art 

A commission by @ABoarsiness@twitter.com of me doing what I wish I did best. I’m feeling it. Can you tell?

The box with my Black Canyon stuff arrived today, so I got to update my wall and medal display. I’m pretty proud of what I’ve managed in seven years.

werewolf transformation 

A preview of a little treat I’m getting myself

Pictured: me, having normal feelings about desiring to possess 390 pounds of bite force

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