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"Respect all pronouns" includes people who want to be referred to as it/its.

No "well...". No "but...". It's not YOUR choice to make.

That is all I have to say about that. This is not up for debate.

one of my favorite commissions ever, and its several years old at this point. I'd just found a brush that clicked with me for this, I felt ALIVE #art #mastoart #furry

*does a Mode 7 cartwheel from a standing start and lands right next to you* hey

Selfie, fitness, injury 

My haters rejoiced yesterday when I fell down the stairs while holding a plate of snacks in one hand and a full cup of coffee in the other, acquiring an eggplant-coloured bruise on my ass the size and shape of a banana. To those haters I say: hello from the trail, motherfuckers

I’m peering down from the tower window in my dilapidated castle, cackling and wringing my hands: a celeb beloved by many, who I personally find extremely irritating, is in trouble in the news

Sisterhood is when someone who knows you messages you to discuss sincere & cathartic monster feelings and then illustrates the point with a KC Green comic

Some exciting personal news! I am so proud to introduce you to a new addition to our family.

werewolf thoughts & feelings (+++) 

What an exquisite full moon, so far. Euphoric this morning. Lounging in bed with a feeling i can best describe as indulgent. Body pleasantly aching in ways that weren’t there when I went to sleep, that aren’t just the side effects of being a 42 year old runner.

New episode of TFTuesday Podcast with @aquinton as our guest. It's a great time with thoughtful insight and great stories. Give a listen!

#transformation #transfur #TFTuesday #TFTuesdayPod

lycanthropy vibing, transformation 

Does my bite change you? No, no more than you'd become a scientist if I put a lab coat on you.

It is, however, a catalyst, permission if you are so keen. If you really were human all along, it does nothing more than if an ordinary wolf bit you. But if you aren't? If you're just itching to pull off that mask, to split out of that skin, my teeth will break that seal and let You out.

Welcome home, and good night, kindred.

we have met our goal tonight, thank you so much who donated! we beat Wendy's Castle #6, but unfortunately couldn't finish the game in one sitting. stay tuned for a follow-up livestream with a new fundraising goal and the conclusion of the game!

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All trans indie comics fall on a spectrum between "i'm a rat who lives in trash and my HRT is crystalized piss i get from my SW ex who's a horse & i LIKE it that way" and "What if I lived above the coffee shop where I work, and there was a little ghost in my teacup who told me to explore my gender?"

The Hypercritical t-shirt sale ends on Saturday, August 12th. I want to make sure everyone who wants a shirt has a chance to buy one. Please tell your nerdy friends who may have missed my earlier posts. Remember, these shirts are only sold every five years!

🚫 people who permanently deplete their curiosity and introspection while realizing they're trans, and make their self-righteousness and certainty their whole personality

✅ people who do the hard work of realizing they're trans and then wonder "what else is possible that I never considered before?"

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