I've collected some #Mastodon 🦣 #instances to help with the #TwitterMigration focused in #inclusion, #accesibility and #minorities. They look like safe spaces for most of us. I'd appreciate the boost and new recommendations to add to the list:

🔗🇬🇧 ableism.rip/about - space to fight ableism
🔗🇬🇧 disabled.social/about - for disabled people
🔗🇬🇧 neurodifferent.me/about - neurodiversity and neurominorities
🔗🇬🇧 iaccessibility.social/about - interest in assistive technology
🔗🇬🇧 blacktwitter.io/about - history and voices for black people
🔗🇬🇧 lgbt.io/about - for LGBT+ and allies
🔗🇬🇧 queer.party/about - queer-oriented instance
🔗🇬🇧 tech.lgbt/about - for tech workers, academics, students, and others interested in tech who are LGBTQIA+ or Allies

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I've just discovered #mosstodon. it's pictures of moss (and the occasional cohabiting fungi) in its natural habitat all over the world. yes I'm serious. yes I already love it. it feels weirdly like a short green, forest-scented meditation to look through them

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