(grandma voice) kids don't even awoo anymore!

back in my day we awoo'd uphill, in the snow, both ways, and we FAVED the toots!

Maybe the best name I’ve ever given a branch in Git. And it actually makes sense if you know what it’s fixing!

There's new versions of Door Shuffle and Overworld Shuffle for ALttP Randomizer! Trying them out with my favorite mode, MODESTBonk

(Mixed Overworld, Door + Entrance Shuffle, Trinity goal, Bonk shuffle)


I've collected some #Mastodon 🦣 #instances to help with the #TwitterMigration focused in #inclusion, #accesibility and #minorities. They look like safe spaces for most of us. I'd appreciate the boost and new recommendations to add to the list:

🔗🇬🇧 ableism.rip/about - space to fight ableism
🔗🇬🇧 disabled.social/about - for disabled people
🔗🇬🇧 neurodifferent.me/about - neurodiversity and neurominorities
🔗🇬🇧 iaccessibility.social/about - interest in assistive technology
🔗🇬🇧 blacktwitter.io/about - history and voices for black people
🔗🇬🇧 lgbt.io/about - for LGBT+ and allies
🔗🇬🇧 queer.party/about - queer-oriented instance
🔗🇬🇧 tech.lgbt/about - for tech workers, academics, students, and others interested in tech who are LGBTQIA+ or Allies

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