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it’s been awhile, updating my

I’m Friday, a mostly nocturnal 30 lesbian/ace-disaster cis-lady scaly stoner #420

I use this account for sharing slice of life type of things and out of the blue posts about

hoping to post more weird , but I’ve kinda given up on being a freelance artist as a career

my all consuming hobbies are animation, , and video games

current obsessions are , monster hunter, SK8, yuri on ice, and yuru camp

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trying to motivate myself to do things 

(to the tune of 'into the woods') 🎶

The tasks are just things, the things are just stuff, the stuff is just chores, the chores are just things to do, the things to do are just stuff,

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these kids online don't even know what vellum is, like they didn't take art history several times in college and became obsessed with illuminated manuscripts

Tsk tsk

I think the only creative advice I could give to a whole audience is this: let women be ugly

in general, as well as in the moment for the bit

re: COVID 

wait did I mean on the counter or over the counter?

behind the counter is prescription right :thinkhappy:

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so I recently learned the over the counter covid rapid tests don't test for the newest variants :)

(Pops out of a cartoon hole in the ground wearing a blue suit, and holding a wireless microphone)
I'm here reporting live from tumblr, after having polls less than a month, users seem have to decided on 'vanilla extract' as their junk poll option

beverage cw 

lol I forgot that the vitamin water vitamin-c drink has taurine in it :thinkhappy:

I was drinking small amounts of one bottle over a week so it wasn't like, disastrous, but that's why you gotta read the label folks!

jk, my humansona would be a student at a school for magical kids

she's secretly a vampire, plus a goth (goths can become alphas in a human pack)

she has long black hair with purple streaks and red tips, which is how she got her name

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way

I have changed my mind, I want my humansona to be president of Earth, have perfect aim with any weapon, knows how to drive/operate any vehicle, speaks *all* the languages, 🤣

I remember enough about Paranoia Agent to not fall for the cuteness of that pink dog but gosh DANG if it isn't a cute pink dog

ok I kinda like this bluetooth disconnection thing that my headset is doing rn

it'll cut in and out, speed up and down, it's kind of a cool feel for a j-rock song

gotta do more cleaning than I had originally planed for today but it'll be good for me

I don't get it, the second I found out I could write funny things in the alt text I started doing so right away

how much will it take to get new users describe their images

I hope she's not too much of a mary sue, but my humansona is the judge and the jury uwu 👩‍⚖️

I just realized what my palico squishmallows look-a-like reminds me of, specifically eye wise

starting to get a feeling it wasn't as common as I thought to read poetry and/or famous quotes online growing up because the school had blocked everything else

I did finish the hourlies early this morning but I do not yet have the willpower to go to the library to try and scan it

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