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trying to motivate myself to do things 

(to the tune of 'into the woods') 🎶

The tasks are just things, the things are just stuff, the stuff is just chores, the chores are just things to do, the things to do are just stuff,

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(pointing at a screenful of charts and graphs) This indicates that Wooloo is good

forgot to include Donna Burke is the English narrator and sings the opening and ending songs to the game

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found an interview with Kumi Tanioka (series composer), Hidenori Iwasaki (Square Enix Sound Division), and Donna Burke about the music direction in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and the Remastered version

it's incredible, highly recommend 💯

really want to retire the username I'm using for twitch, because it's like over 10 years old and I don't really stand by it anymore, but all the cool names I thought of were taken and ughhhh

psa please do not censor slurs or common triggers (e.g. sl*r). on fedi. you're doing more harm than good cause people who do not want to see these words at all can filter these words from their timeline entirely, but that will be bypassed if you censor.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered last boss/end game spoilers | caps lock 




turns out the entire world runs on memories???

there's an evil YGO-dragon looking force that devours memories with miasma while there's a pleasant force that looks like Naminé slowly nibbles on memories

I've never gotten anywhere near this far in the game, the whole ending felt so surreal and magical, like I'm a new person now

in other news, a group of offline friends and I are almost ready to beat the main story of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered!

neg | the last part of the rant 

for clarity sake, this was me, a guy I knew from art school + his GF, and a gal I knew from art school + her husband = 5 ppl

a handful of other people would pop in and out but 98% of the time it was just us 5

the only ppl who DM/GM'd were the BF and the Husband, for 2 different campaigns

all the campaigns were premade, but the guys insisted that The Witcher is the coolest series ever, so we had a bunch of random crap from that series absorbed into the campaigns🙄

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re: neg | a rant pt 2 

one day I'll get over that bunch, but it just sucks that I got along REALLY well with the ciswomen of that group, after a point they were the only reason why I went

It was the cisMEN (the BF & husband) of that group who were just the most boring, unimaginative, and miserable wet blankets I've ever had to play with!!! 🖕 😠 💢 🖕

fairly sure I've said this before but I'm not even *thinking* about joining another TTRPG group unless they're devoid of cishet men, no exceptions.

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neg | a rant 

so I'm almost done with FFXIV's base game, and most of the dungeons have been fairly straightforward and not that complicated

it turns out when you've got a team that actually knows how to communicate AND I CAN SEE MY SURROUNDINGS, dungeons aren't that hard

tl;dr FUCK OFF the last 2 DM/GM's I had, they were terrible at describing things, had no imagination, *and then blamed ME for why the sessions were so bad*

(looks directly into the camera like she's on The Office™) 🙃​

I try SO hard to prevent my dog from eating trash on/around the sidewalk, but there is trash all OVER this block, both from people and wildlife

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There are bus ride videos??? 👀

...I've been inside too long :blobsad:

Rewatching Haikyuu!! For an offline friend and it feels nice to be back into sports anime bs

TV anchor: ...and now back to the regularly scheduled Useless Millennial

(cuts to me on the floor moaning)

FFXIV A Realm Reborn MSQ spoiler 

wow! cool magic-mecha-dragon-taur!

vector painting isn't quite the right phrase, but there was that digital art program a while back that promised infinite zooming in or out in one canvas

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if I was going to put effort into making a vector painting I think I'd have it start on a very tight shot peanuts style comic that the viewer would zoom out to a giant mountain landscape

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