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it’s been awhile, updating my

I’m Friday, a mostly nocturnal 30 lesbian/ace-disaster cis-lady scaly stoner #420

I use this account for sharing slice of life type of things and out of the blue posts about

hoping to post more weird , but I’ve kinda given up on being a freelance artist as a career

my all consuming hobbies are animation, , and video games

current obsessions are , monster hunter, SK8, yuri on ice, and yuru camp

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trying to motivate myself to do things 

(to the tune of 'into the woods') 🎶

The tasks are just things, the things are just stuff, the stuff is just chores, the chores are just things to do, the things to do are just stuff,

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these kids online don't even know what vellum is, like they didn't take art history several times in college and became obsessed with illuminated manuscripts

Tsk tsk

caps lock cw 

the absolute 1 in a billion chance I see a funny social media screenshot and it's like, "WAIT I KNOW THAT USERNAME!!!!"

what's the word for knowing a username in a funny social media screenshot?

I thought I had a better idea of European history because of all the art history classes I've taken but clearly it's been a minute and people have been living in Europe for a Long Ass Time

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I just found the usefulcharts channel on youtube and it has occurred to me how absolutely clueless I am over European history

Take a break before you need it. It will make it easier to prevent burnout.

a million hours later and I might need to rewatch that last episode of swimming anime because I only vaguely remember it

also watching samurai champloo, looking at gurren lagann next

it just occurred to me I've become someone involved with a show that's got a shit ton of characters OTL

finished the final season of swimming anime, now I've got 2 movies and I can say I'm caught up

spider cw 

was gonna throw this spider I caught out, but a neighbor kid happened to be nearby, so I gave it to her after she asked if she could show it to the other kids

I'm such a cool adult

kinda long | accessibility technology 

so, uh, I turned on Audio Descriptions (English) on netflix so I could watch sitcoms and play video games at the same time ((laptop is streaming shows, TV is games))

and holy shit this is just like when I turned on the closed captions on for the 1st time

I feel like I understand how to write better image descriptions, I understand body language more clearly, and some shit is just funnier when it's being described

one of those,

"if I didn't have to walk my dog in a couple of hours I'd go to bed right now"

kinda moods

Keep fascists out of your spaces and their memes out of your mind. Normalization is their weapon of choice, but it requires them to wait for *you* to start repeating or laughing at *their* jokes.


tragic news! I still feel weird so I guess I'm gonna push myself to pick up splatoon3 and spend the rest of the day playing in bed

I don't feel super great so I guess I am gonna go to bed earlier than usual

very tempted to go to bed early just so I can play splatoon sooner

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