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trying to motivate myself to do things 

(to the tune of 'into the woods') 🎶

The tasks are just things, the things are just stuff, the stuff is just chores, the chores are just things to do, the things to do are just stuff,

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these kids online don't even know what vellum is, like they didn't take art history several times in college and became obsessed with illuminated manuscripts

Tsk tsk

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ACNH me: 🎣(catches a Gar)

my brain, immediately remembering that OK KO ep: (choir singing) IT'S MR. GAAAAAR 🎶 !!!

thankfully this is the first time I've posted original(?) content so I think the post was deleted or hidden, also fine with it just not being as funny as I thought it was

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tfw you post a questionable meme on a forum without realizing it was the worst possible timing


re: food 

or like maybe frozen mini bagel pizzas, something that takes a 1 maybe 2 steps to make

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ugh I am late night bored-hungry craving cup ramen in flavors I don't have

transferring stuff that was in cardboard boxes into plastic bins and omg I found a box with like 5 different bugs in it 😱​

(finds out the streamer I thought was at LEAST 5 years older than me is 2 years younger than me)

me, almost screaming: WHAT!!!

neg - | alcoholism mentioned 

finished My Solo Exchange Diary (vol 1) and had a terrible time just like I predicted I would 🙃

entry 5 was the hardest to read for me, I started it, bookmarked it for half a week and then finally got myself to finish it

I might eventually read vol 2, but the 3rd book in the series about alcoholism is probably where I'm gonna have to draw the line for my own mental health :blobcatoh:

it's a "wish I could hog a whole ice rink to myself so I can skate to slow piano music" kinda night

so yesterday I dropped the mic, today I came back, picked it up, and started yelling,


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not afraid to block, mute, or burn bridges on the internet because I'm tired of wasting time


if I didn't hate the word "chill" for being a code word for sex now I REALLY hate it because it's the phrase of choice for tone policing

"uh that's not very chill of you"

uh, wow I really don't give a fuck :paw_fx90_middle_finger::paw_fx90_middle_finger:

Ya Im gonna bounce from that discord server I mentioned yesterday. They've chosen white comfort "chill" tone policing in a server that already has at least 3 silly/lighthearted channels

For an argument over something serious in a serious channel

I know it's not my server, so whomever is makes the final call, but woooow this server is a dumpster fire :trashfire:

Mostly because I've been on the fence with this community for weeks, idc if I get banned standing up for a younger POC queer in what I'm suspecting is a mostly 30+ white queer space

:blobshrug: whoops, sorry not sorry

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Called out the discord server and I only trembled a little! Progress!!

Oof, well, shit that sucks

Valid arguments got shut down because of tone policing


Maybe one day I'll master the mid afternoon nap but that was not yesterday

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