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it’s been awhile, updating my

I’m Friday, a mostly nocturnal 30 lesbian/ace-disaster cis-lady scaly stoner #420

I use this account for sharing slice of life type of things and out of the blue posts about

hoping to post more weird , but I’ve kinda given up on being a freelance artist as a career

my all consuming hobbies are animation, , and video games

current obsessions are , monster hunter, SK8, yuri on ice, and yuru camp

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trying to motivate myself to do things 

(to the tune of 'into the woods') 🎶

The tasks are just things, the things are just stuff, the stuff is just chores, the chores are just things to do, the things to do are just stuff,

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these kids online don't even know what vellum is, like they didn't take art history several times in college and became obsessed with illuminated manuscripts

Tsk tsk

silver lining to being a nobody online artist is that it's unlikely my art is going to get used for AI bs :blobcatoh:

Source: (also has Spanish, German, French, and I believe Filipino)

this! #CovidIsAirborne, not line of sight. If you walk into an airspace where an infected person has been, unmasked, in the last few hours, you can assume the particles are still there.

#WearAMask because asymptomatic people can spread disease! #MaskUp because you don't have to lay eyes on a person to catch COVID from them.

hey, masto/fedi, if you're going to give me an annoying pop-up because I'm retooting something without an image description

at least give me the option to add one??? (OP can decide whether to keep or delete it)

like what the hell is the point of this pop up otherwise

cool story thanks pop-up bro 👎

when a really old plush falls apart, revealing it's ancient plastic beads of another era

This little guy is clearly running illegal SQUIRREL software on CAT hardware, but I'm still sharing it for #caturday.

#cat #cats #catstodon #catsofmastodon #humor #humour #funny #squirrel

i like the cute lower case anarchy symbol, @

the sheer amount of HP stuff I looked at tonight by accident because I let tiktok shopping compilations autoplay on youtube...

like it was implied these were new tiktoks...., people having a HP room in 2023...jfc

weh,...I don't want to walk the dog but I really should walk the pupper

so youtube has this bug where it can pull chapter markers from a completely different video

guess I'll do the errands I need to and if I have any energy left over I'll try and wander over to the pool

had a rough night emotionally and then had an appointment this afternoon, did I miss something???

either it's in a spot I haven't looked or somehow got lost at the laundromat, not much of a mystery

what a weird item for someone to find, black tank top with strange disco men on it 🤣

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specifically said regular cello because this game's OST uses a lot of very old instruments, please go look it up it's very cool

so tl;dr if it's not a modern cello idk how to spell what it actually is lol

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apparently my personal hatred of most flutes goes that hard :(

I also really prefer the main emphasis being a string (I think it's a regular cello?) rather than a wind instrument

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ok I know I usually praise FF Crystal Chronicles for being perf all the time, but I like one of the original tracks better than the remastered version

(("The Midst of Sorrow's Gloom" for anyone curious))

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