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Keep some paper and pencil handy for doodling shapes and relaxing your mind.

the new gridania theme in FF14 is really growing on me, it's very cute in a fantastical kinda way

news: Earth's moon has a minimoon
my tumblr dash, in unison: MINIMOON!!!!

there's a lot of good fic here that could easily stand as its own content if the names were changed?

maybe I just yearn for more comedic ghost hunters lol

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decided to check out how many fics BFUnsolved has on ao3 and wowie zowie it's a lot more than I was expecting 😟

I have constantly make weird assumptions about new media because I'll only see 2 pieces of promo art (or exclusively only fanart) so my brain fills in all these gaps instantly until proven otherwise

also didn't know the puppet I had seen around tumblr was for Puppet History until an offline friend told me it wasn't a muppet

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a bonus(?) to watching buzzfeed unsolved on hulu is that I had literally no idea what "hot daga" was until I started looking up fandom stuff

sad | christmas 

spending thanksgiving by myself: whatever, it's a bullshit holiday (rolls eyes)

the realization that I'm going to be spending xmas by myself: OTL.......

opinions be ahead | buzzfeed unsolved 

I'm almost done with the true-crime series, finished the supernatural series, and I've started to watch the youtube content that isn't affiliated with BF

I like'em? 🤷‍♀️

I've seen the non-believer and believer dynamic before but this is much more refreshing than I was expecting

tl;dr they seem to balance each other out? that's both good for them as friends and us as viewers

what a concept

re: death tw? | ghosts | pokemon 

I've been playing pokemon a long time but I've only recently lost a bunch of people and started watching ghost hunting stuff again so this kinda realization hits different if that makes sense?

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death tw? | ghosts | pokemon 

...not only are ghosts REAL in the pokeverse, but they're also SO real that they are a whole type of pokemon...

(lavender town theme starts playing, gradually getting louder)


thanksgiving | food 

whole foods pumpkin pie: doesn't feel worth the price I paid for it, but it's better than nothing

my brain is def still in school mode because it feels like I'm on vacation despite not going to school or having any homework

tl;dr I should've hung up the call when I wanted to leave the house to pick up food, but I didn't want to hang up to recall

but being on the phone somehow fucks up my brain's protocol real bad, it's why I don't usually talk (on the phone) and drive at the same time

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was on the phone (bluetooth) and in the moment took my mask off when I was picking up food in a restaurant tonight OTL

it was like 2 seconds but now I'm extra worried about being part of the problem

omg the ancient aliens guy is on an episode of buzzfeed unsolved supernatural

the vibe is just as awkward as I was expecting lololol

I'm getting into FF14 soon, is anyone on here playing it?


there's a lot of stuff that died with my mom, but, thankfully my mom was taught by and taught others how to cook, so maybe I can piece together my own recipe's after all

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