If someone orders an iced cappuccino from me as a one more time, I'm gonna charge them an extra dollar fifty and then make them a latte.

I woke up too early today and now I hate everything.

The Luddites weren’t backward technophobes. They saw factory owners using tech to degrade their livelihoods and they fought back — first by trying to negotiate, then writing to Parliament, and finally smashing the machines.

As workers today organize and strike over bosses using digital tech to upend their industries, there’s a lot we can learn from the Luddites’ story. I was thrilled to dig into it with @brianmerchant!


#tech #history #luddite #workers

Do not get a smart speaker. Do not get a smart speaker. Do not get a smart speaker. Do not get a smart speaker. Do not get a smart speaker. Do not get a smart speaker. Do not get a smart speaker. Do not get a smart speaker. Do not get a smart speaker.

Everyone in the bargaining unit is appreciating the love and concern we're seeing in the Fediverse today.

We're back to bargaining next week, and as we have news to share, look for it here.


The food delivery robots that are zipping across Los Angeles are also providing camera footage they capture to the LAPD. 404media.co/serve-food-deliver

For people who for some reason still want to use Chrome:
Settings > Privacy >Ad privacy, then just toggle everything off.

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Love Zooey. She is a star making positive changes in this world that will never be forgotten. I have zero doubt. <3

(Did you know she is also basically an expert on the history of medieval technology? I’m obsessed.)


A special kind of would create a character that's an elven College of Whispers Bard named Eilia Lhoss, which is Sindarin for "rain whispers."

It's me, I'm a special kind of nerd.

Sadness is knowing you won't be able to see Eva Noblezada in because she's exiting the cast and you don't have money to go to

To be clear, “The [#sagaftra] Interim Agreement is not a waiver… it is a #contract that includes all terms & conditions for producers looking to employ our members on their specific independent productions… If the AMPTP continues to refuse to bargain, our strategy denies them the ability to freely make their own original productions, allowing everyone other than the AMPTP to produce content with our members.” » sagaftra.org/message-about-int

#SAGAFTRAstrike #actors

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