Listen I'm not a zoologist or even someone who knows animals, I'm an art major

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Ignore what I put in the alt text for this image, apparently it's a cow

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Gun violence and caps lock 


"If you aren’t livid you aren’t paying attention."

"If a job says they want a degree you don't have BUT you have all of the skills required to do the job...



"If you can back up your real world knowledge and prove you know how to do the tasks and can do them well, sometimes that degree won't matter."

Mention of transphobia 

"About to testify in favor of SB188 in Colorado, a safe state bill that will protect trans Coloradans and people who flee to the state.

"These laws represent safety and peace of mind to a community that has been very highly targeted in recent years.

"It must pass."

Gun violence and transphobia 

"10,000 mass shootings in a row all by cis people. Most of them by straights, Christians, conservatives, men: must be nothing to do with who they are or what they believe

"1 mass shooting by a trans person: must be because they're trans 🤡

"It's all so predictable and boring"

Gun violence, transphobia, racism, and misogyny 

"Things that did _not_ kill kids today:

- a renaissance sculpture
- a film about Ruby Bridges
- drag queen story time
- the word ‘tampon’
- critical race theory
- woke banks
- saying that Rosa Parks was Black
- gender-affirming care
- ‘The Bluest Eye’

What did:

-an AR-f––ing-15"

Gun violence 

"If the shooter is trans, I feel exactly the same about them as if they were a cis man: they’re a piece of shit who deserves to rot.

"But unless you’re holding every cis man responsible for all the other school shootings, you don’t get to hold all trans people responsible for this"

"I can’t get over this train derailment in Palestine, Ohio.

"They poisoned the people & when they tried to go get blood work done to prove it - all the local labs said they don’t offer the specific test anymore.

"All those labs are owned by the ppl who own the train company."

"This is one of the very real things we try to make clear to the Adult Autists seeking a DX of ASD. ⬇️"

Gun violence 

"I don't know how else we are supposed to interpret the fact that a school shooting is mundane except to say that the United States sanctions the murders of its own children. It sacrifices children on the altar of a frankly bizarre interpretation of the second amendment."

We encourage all allies to learn more about Tor's privacy-protecting technologies that have been utilized by the trans community for more than 15 years:

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Privacy and visibility should be about self-determination and agency. Everyone deserves to be able to choose when, and with whom, they share personal information.

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We'll use today's Transgender Day of Visibility to celebrate the resilience of trans people in the face of an increasing anti-trans political landscape and raise awareness of the fact that not everybody can or wants to be visible.

Overheard: “I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Mar-a-Lago, but I might be drowned in ketchup by now.”

#FediTip: A lot of new folks have joined recently from Twitter, especially creators. Just to note, include links in your posts if you're promoting your stuff. You are not punished by any algorithm for external links on #Mastodon or the larger #Fediverse. Today, I saw someone talking about a cool looking #Kickstarter, but there was no link to the project!

We are not a walled garden!

Lots of new #TTRPG faces immigrating from Elon's Folly now that the bluebird is going down in flames.

First of all, welcome!

Secondly, the most important #Feditip I can give you is that Mastodon has no algorithm. YOU make your own by curating what accounts and hashtags you follow, mute or block. Make sure you find the things and people you are interested in and follow those!

Corollary, the key to post visibility here are hashtags. Use them!
#DnD #TTRPGCommunity #GameDesign

Are Apple devices really privacy-respecting? The truth is that user privacy is *impossible* without free software. Read more at #freesoftware #privacy

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