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So happy with the season 2 renewal! \o/
I grew up with the monthly comic books and have to say it is an outstanding adaptation.
And the best is yet to come! 😈🔑

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Eines Tages werde ich nicht mehr bei meinem Lieblingsgedicht von Laura Gilpin weinen. Heute ist dieser Tag jedoch nicht.

Diese Comic-Version von Adam Ellis hängt bei mir im Schreibzimmer:

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In advance of the Musking mandates…a first, er, toot on Mastodon.

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We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties after firing half of our staff.

Please be patient, and consider using another social media platform if you have troubles connecting to #Twitter.

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The original Siggraph paper about Microsoft Comic Chat from 1996 contains a comic that is indistinguishable form a Jerkcity comic

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1/ Thanks to @W_Lucht for making @AndriMagnason make write this great book. We scientists live in a world where it is enough to say: “The glaciers are melting.“ But this does not reach the public. Andri Magnason finds the right words. He talks about the connection between Iceland

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Online applications for the 2023 #Berlin Comics Grant are now open until Oct. 6 at 6pm! If you’re a #comics creator and your 1. Wohnsitz is here, this is for you!

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this one hit home for me.

(the linked site is usually NSFW, but in this particular instance, there is only a comic showing a bit of cuddling)

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Ladies and Gentlethems,

Pride Month is here to remind us: There are so many ways of being beautiful!

Also, anyone should have the freedom to choose when, how and to whom to show their beauty.

Join us at our next FNTI* CryptoParty

on June 1st 2022

at 7 pm CEST

online via BigBlueBotton

Find more info here:

and our CoC here:

Morgen ist übrigens , und das funktioniert so:

1.) Zum nächsten Comicladen gehen (oder auch Hugendubel/Thalia)

2.) Sich drei von diesen Comics aussuchen (alles mit dabei, Dr.Strange, Manga, Donjon, Enola Holmes):

3.) Mitnehmen und durchschmökern

(Und dabei gerne anderes Tolles im Comicladen entdecken!) ✏️📚​✨​​

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They’re here!! All my autobio comics since 2016 collected in FOUR new zines!!

Grab a copy this weekend at Comic Invasion, table 44* in the Lichthof!

*you can take the cartoonist out of Nantes something something

#CIB22 #zines #comics #ComicInvasion #Berlin

I'll be kicking off next weekend's festival in Berlin with watching "No Straight Lines – The Rise of " at the Babylon Kreuzberg cinema on Friday night.

Come early and you can also browse through a Pop Up Exhibition and a Mini Comic Market, with a selection of 's finest queer comics! ✏️🌈​ ​

Movie tickets:

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Wer sich nicht wehrt, lebt verkehrt.
Abbildung: Nancy and Sluggo, No. 100, Sept. 1954.

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