"The Gift of It's Your Problem Now" by Avery Pennarun apenwarr.ca/log/20211229

Pretty even-handed take, and fun and readable too. Hard to argue with any of these points.

It snowed near our house today! We drove up to the observatory and threw one (1) snowball

basically the way i deal with everything is to go through the stages of grief until i get to "bargaining" and stop at bargaining forever and that's why i have all these spreadsheets

my dad has spent the last 30 minutes talking to a retired neighbor on speaker phone at max volume, giving each other driving directions from memory as if google maps doesn't exist. this is the most boomer thing ever

"Desktop apps suck. Instead I want to have to build and maintain two completely separate codebases and then write APIs between them. The frontend should only be able to be run inside a container that Google wrote." - Web developers

the screaming neighborhood children are irritating me so i am retaliating with loud sigur ros on the yard speakers

"Anything less than five stars is BAD! Only give five stars!" Haha. I love how workers actively beg for as little dynamic range as possible in any evaluative feedback. It speaks volumes about what evil corporations do whenever they receive even the barest shred of signal that could be used for ranking or culling employees.

there is a type of coworker I have who, whenever given work to do, always first asks, "what is any reason I can think of to make this wait on something else?" it's like a pathological instinct to get blocked and do nothing. I cannot understand it, but these people thrive here.

our house internet went down in the last minute of this meeting and cut it off. We were done anyway, but I was just saying thank you and wrapping up... I guess we'll call that "The AT&T Goodbye"

"When I hear people who say 'burn it all down' sometimes I wonder if they've ever built anything. Because building things is really hard."

back to work today after vacation, which managed to turn my depressed ennui into exciting panic attacks. yay?

about 15 years ago I accidentally left a somewhat low tip at a restaurant because I did some mental math wrong, and didn't notice until I got home. I still feel terrible about it whenever I remember. Brain, could we let it go please.

I love that my brain is perfectly fine with feeling socially exhausted/ over-scheduled AND feeling intense FOMO at not doing more social activities. Who put you in charge buddy

I've been playing this crappy farming game where you like, grow and sell turnips and shit. It has 4 growing seasons like you'd expect... but today the game casually mentioned that each season has 30 days. Which means that i'm actually an alien creature, farming on an alien planet that orbits its star every 2880 hours (!)

i cannot stop thinking about this

spent my entire weekend playing the "try to upgrade linux" minigame. it's not going well. >.>

beer before liquor... makes you fun quicker? It's something like that, right?

at my job there's an internal website that I check every day to see if I still have the same manager as yesterday. you never know!

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