I made the wah watch Run Lola Run tonight. Holds up pretty well for a 20 year old film!

my employer's HR goblins are EXTREMELY concerned that they may not be getting credit for my "diversity". Their plan is to ask me for a shit ton of highly personal secrets, non-anonymized, to see if I'm an interesting deviant. LOL no, also get fucked, jerks!

Ho boy post-con cognitive dissonance... I almost accidentally snuggled a coworker just now. >.>

our Irish house guest has insisted on trying "an American s'more". I don't think he realizes what it entails, but we are dedicated to making this happen computerfairi.es/media/VdMlYmA

Thanks to the many organizers and friends for making my FC2019 excellent! I had a lovely time, and I shall now sleep for a week. -.-

I would happily pay $500 at the dealers den for a self-fixing lanyard which makes my nametag hang right and never flips around backwards

tfw you realize that your lead researcher is basically Jenna Maroney, which makes you the Liz Lemon of the project

20 years in, I finally see how I might enjoy being a manager. When I have teammates who can do something that I don't know how to do (like ML research), it seems genuinely worthwhile to spend my time protecting them from bullshit instead of engineering it myself.

we have an irish house guest who just found out about in-sink garbage disposals and he is INCONSOLABLE

jfc my dad just casually mentioned that he's taking oxy regularly for his back now. Does anybody have a good "how to talk to your Boomer about drugs" guide?

After the most recent GMS update, my phone now kernel panics and reboots whenever I walk under a specific tree near my office. o.O

This mailer from my power company seems vaguely threatening. Stay safe from these old people? Stay safe by saving power, so that PG&E doesn't need to come and rough me up? I don't think I want to know computerfairi.es/media/66xIlBZ

It turns out that designing the perfect maneuverable sofa is an unsolved problem in mathematics and there's an entire branch of mathematics dedicated to designing such sofas

But 2018 bro, you had some shit:
- Wasted a year of my career on utter bullshit
- Continued to drift away from old friends for no reason that I can understand
- omg world politics and climate
- omg the stock market
- California, plz stop being on fire

Oh geez you guys said so much nice stuff for New Years, now I feel shallow! XD

FINE here's a better 2018 list. The good:
- Resolved a decades-long family feud
- Good health and fitness
- Made new friends
- Got a better job
- Robey still tolerates me for some reason (9 years!)

Welp, glad that year is over! Surely 2019 will be better somehow! I mean... what's the worst that could happen? ;>.>

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