The corporate web is so fucked like how do you have "1486 partners"
Yeah sure let me just go through all of these and make an informed decision on whether I trust each one

i'll have to check the maths on this one but i think they're right

and this is a version of my blog now running through php-fpm in docker!! it seems to work perfectly, loads just as fast as the old version

i'm not switching over to this for the public ver yet in case i find some problems but this is very very promising

for once i can go to bed on a high note instead of an "ugh fuck this" note

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This seems bad??!?!? I very nearly misconfigured my container in a way that would have accidentally left a port exposed, but I thought "oh well it wouldn't have been _too_ bad cos the firewall would block it anyway", but apparently, no, docker just says Fuck your firewall

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Found another good console design. It's a bear
Model number is H8 but I can't find it for sale outside China atm

I got these at the same time as that boombox famiclone but I'm too tired to post about them rn

Although the stock 365 in 1 menu is unchangeable it has the Secret Feature of being able to load custom roms from another SD card, it can do NES mapper 0+4 and certain VTxx BIN files, max 1MB
Which means I can load up another console's menu on it

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Here's what you get
A nice VTxx menu with 365 games with the SD card inserted, another 60 with it removed
Very stretched and filtered

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