Imagine my surprise part two
Literally all the nouns in the English language and it picked that one

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By the way the names of the operators are just random nouns scraped from Wiktionary. Could be literally anything. So imagine my surprise when

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What I think could be cool would be generating something like this kind of departure board where there's a list of all the stations it calls at
Because that way it'd be generating a bunch of names in one go and thusly increasing the chances of a funny one
But my bot code is not sophisticated enough to do that yet alas

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one thing i thought about doing was making like fake departure boards with them

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a while ago i made a UK train station name generator but could never figure out anything good to do with it. it didn't seem interesting enough to just post the names out as-is

anyway i tried running it again just now & it's coming up with some pretty good ones

There's 3 ways to do things. The right way, the wrong way and the

Some fonts I installed on Windows 11 were suddenly not showing up in SOME apps even though they were visible in the system fonts list and in other apps they did appear...So i went to check the file to see if there was anything weird about it and spotted this checkbox so I thought hmm okay and checked it
And that gave me an error which I didn't screenshot and can't make happen again but it said, and I quote "Too many posts were made to a semaphore"

I see this one a lot and it's so stupid because Wyvern is such a better name than Discord to me? it's a type of cool dragon, what's not to like about that?? whereas discord is like.. disharmony, disagreement, bad vibes, it's so negative, why would you want to associate that with your chat software? feels like it's only got a pass because people are so used to it by now they don't think about the actual meaning

mistyped the name of a font i was trying to search for and i'm just getting insulted

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