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soft tails and wide wings

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Another example from Traveller 5. The ultra-detailed "QREBS "equipment rules.

I'm not sure if it's useful, but I find it absolutely fascinating.

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grel, drawing of a gun 

Fact: The Grel are great
Good Fact: I love the Grel
Bad Fact: The Grel only appear in 2 more Doctor Who episodes (after the one I heard today)

silly gross 

Hot wheels?
More like ... Snot eels

Fallout New Vegas, mh 

I've been replaying FNV again, and trying to go for a different character this time - she's a gun for hire, and doesn't go out of her way for people unless she thinks she'll get paid.

It's an interesting path to go down - most of my previous characters have been very eager to help others.

It's also been good for my mental health - it doesn't stress me out beyond my comfort zone, but I'm still getting to do something new.

conlang nonsense 

today I'm trying to research: coding of equative statements (like "Jenny is as tall as Eliza") in languages that primarily use the word "exceed" for comparing (like "Rose's tall(ness) exceeds Clara's").

It is... difficult to find much on the topic

I saw some friends today... it was nice, even if I couldn't really say much

this lovely abode located in the scenic Scorched Terminus high above the nether could be yours for only $5000/mo

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