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Practicing Kirby's Dream Land Extra Mode. Some day I hope to be good enough to finish.

re: super nerdy dream 

But, I couldn't do any damage because upon reloading all but one of my party members were chibi-fied? I guess whatever bypassed the counter also bypassed this status effect, but on reloading a save it's based on the event counter. Apparently the remaining party member is supposed to be able to win somehow, but I either bypassed a check for some needed item, or some other important thing that's supposed to happen.

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re: super nerdy dream 

The technical explanation, which I remember from the dream: the final boss has multiple phases, and the game allows you to straight-up leave and save in the middle of the fight. The phases are tracked with a general event counter. Somehow I got past phase 1 in an unintended way that didn't increment the counter. So the counter was still inside the boss fight, thus the boss was still there when reloading.

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super nerdy dream 

I had a dream where I simultaneously completed a video game and soft-locked it. By which I mean, I defeated the final boss and credits rolled, but when I reloaded the save, the final boss was still there, with the game apparently in an uncompletable state.

@gendercensus Cool, let me know if you want me to do that with any other words, or send you the code.

@gendercensus I noticed, in a very small group, some transmasculine people not liking "enby" for themselves as much as transfeminine people. I speculated that the same might happen for other related pairs, but nope.

@gendercensus People who checked "woman" or "man" checked "enby" less often, but for most identity words, anyone who checked them is more likely to have checked "enby" than the general set of responses. I would guess that people who choose an identity word (except binary, woman, man, none, or cisgender...) are more likely to choose another identity word, and if so this doesn't tell me anything about "enby" specifically.

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@gendercensus I see no clear pattern with regard to more "feminine" or "masculine" identity words.

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@gendercensus I wrote a quick Python script to determine the percentage of people who selected each identity checkbox that ALSO selected "enby", and here's what I got:

The US national election will soon be underway and a lot of people are feeling very stressed and upset about it.

PLEASE use the #uspol content warning on posts about the election, and any other relevant content warnings to posts venting about current events. Mastodon is some folks last online refuge to escape the constant barrage of bad and terrifying news, so let's respect our friends and neighbors by using the Content Warnings so others can choose to engage with us if they want to 💖

shark art, eye contact 

You ever just had a vague idea of a piece you'd like of your sona, but you're aphantasic and don't really know what that'd look like save for the most abstract description?

Well it turns out @fluxom_art read my mind, and it turned out better than I could've hoped!

I'm a plantshark now :blobcatuwu:

Going live with my romhacking project to remove screen flash effects from Mega Man 2.

12 hour challenge tag thoughts 

@garbitheglitcheress I like using LGBTQIA+ & Speedrun to find new streamers.

12 hour challenge tag thoughts 

@garbitheglitcheress Have you tried intersecting it with the speedrun tag?

tf, microfiction 1/? 

You wake up one day and the "I'm not a robot" CAPTCHAs don't work anymore.

Doing some Mega Man 2 hacking, still working on removing screen flash effects.

Going live with some Mega Man 2 hacking - removing full screen flash effects.

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