does anyone have a good way for making 3d glassy shape stuff like the os x aqua wallpapers

i don't mean just the material look but also something to generate the structure itself for me, if something like this is only done by hand or there's some random generator out there i can make do curves and stuff for me

@mavica_again I recall it being super easy in some ancient 3ds max version, like several decades ago. =)

@mavica_again which reminds me, I was trying to make some flat shaded stuff for retro computing reasons and modern renderers (at least in blender) are *completely incapable* of rendering pure flat surfaces.

@sol_hsa i got pretty good results forcing the opengl rendering and fullbrite lighting

this was rendered in blender

@mavica_again I didn't find the option to use opengl for rendering anywhere =)

@mavica_again Blender would probably work well. (However Blender has a steep learning curve and is a deep dive - Blender Guru’s donut and coffee is a critical first step.)

1. Set up subdivided plane for the glass shapes (separate for each shape)
2. Twist and adjust geometry
3. Subdivide for smooth goodness
4. Solidify to go from 2D to 3D
5. Set up a glass material or materials for the surfaces
6. Set up camera and light as well as a background plane
7. Render with denoising

@DeltaWye i already know how to work the blender UI, i'm mostly wondering if there's a generative program that will make the curved shapes, like how there are things such as tree generators for pov-ray. i should've specified that in the main post (replies don't federate with boosts of the main post)

thanks for the tips!

@mavica_again In the mid-2000s those glass effects were all the rage for website buttons and such, probably because of OS X Aqua. Here is a tutorial for the Gimp from that era (will work pretty much the same in modern versions or other graphics editors with layers):…

The gist is that you copy your main motive or shape into two additional layers, use one to add the gloss-effect on top and one below to add a shadow in the background. Play with the transparency of your layers till you've got the desired effect.

@elrido not what i'm looking for, and i don't use software with childish pretext for offensive names

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