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Listen up all you foolish mortals:

Someone talking about a weird thing their computer did is not a cry for help. *Especially* when said someone clearly said they solved the problem.

I understand this particular platform is very-much filled with computer nerds who want to be helpful, but please check whether help is being requested before you pop out of the woodwork like some sort of Clippy

My short story "They Say Don't Get Clocked" is temporarily available for free ( because a wise friend said that an anxiety-laden allegory revenge tale involving a is something voters might like.

The Hugo nomination period is now open so check it out, and if you're able, please consider nominating it in the Short Story category! (Hugo site is real slow, sorry

but don't worry, if you did before and want to amend that, please feel free

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if every person who told me or my partner to go to therapy had paid for the cost of a session, we'd probably not be having money problems right now

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sometimes i just need to be deranged and rude to others, as a treat

if you disagree go fuck yourself and get out of my website

"get therapy" bro if i told you how much i've spent on therapy in my whole life

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maybe i'm just confused and angry about things i didn't get to do/got yelled at for doing and i'm old and i hate everything

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does tone get lost on text yes but also i don't think "tone indicators" are the solution

why do zoomers keep calling me a piece of shit ??? yeah well /pos to you too buddy

the urge to become the most mysterious person youve ever known while simultaneously telling you every little detail of my entire life

The money we've gotten so far has been a huge help, and i'm really grateful, but we're still less than halfway towards our goal, and costs aren't getting any lower, as well as the cost of living here getting worse, anything else you can spare helps, and all boosts are welcome, we need the help to try and stabilize our lives and be happy

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