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@Chel said I should do this o,o

Hiiiiiii I'm Hazel (you can call me Zel or Zelli :) ). I'm a trans girl pre-everything (but hopefully not for much longer). I love music and I wanna write music!! And I like games. I play fighting games but I'm bad.

Feel free to say hi! I'm super-shy but I love hearing new music and talking about music and food and games and being told i'm cute I MEAN MEETING NEW FRIENDS :')

When the guy at the pickup window calls you "Ma'am"... and then you turn around and he goes "Oh, sorry sir"

local furry starship engineer is cold and gay (CW selfie, eye contact)

greetings and welcome to lgr oddware and today we're looking at the first-generation maple,

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i have a slight headache and my eyes sting, but despite it all i feel like i conquered a mountain tonight.

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I'm happy to declare that watermelon bubly is the beverage of the summer

me: haha fuck the gender binary

also me: girls GIRLS gorls gurls girlsss GiRls GIRLS?!

Demanding that people CW their requests for financial help is classist and directly harms people who need help. Get over your anti-poverty bias and let people ask for the help they need without being shamed for it.

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Good news team! I saved up enough Amazon Reward points to have my punishment for putting a used band-aid in a USPS mailbox lowered from the death penalty to 300 years without parole!

"This Whole Thing Smacks Of Security Breach," i holler as i overturn my competitor's CES booth and turn the Internet of Things into the Internet of Shit

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