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@Chel said I should do this o,o

Hiiiiiii I'm Hazel (you can call me Zel or Zelli :) ). I'm a trans girl pre-everything (but hopefully not for much longer). I love music and I wanna write music!! And I like games. I play fighting games but I'm bad.

Feel free to say hi! I'm super-shy but I love hearing new music and talking about music and food and games and being told i'm cute I MEAN MEETING NEW FRIENDS :')

saddened to learn that i don't have access to polls so i can't have the people vote on which mid-2000s meme to bring back :blobsad:

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not necessarily ragging on her writing ability, she's just an execrable person all around and i'm glad to no longer feel that she's untouchable

i will say it is very nice having people who i can comfortably declare that jk rowling sucks shit to

trying to decide if i should have a normal one tomorrow.

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I'm gonna cuddle the everloving shit out of them someday.

got reminded of the Ball Revamped flash games and thinking about playing through all of them

trying to decide whether i feel cute today or not

HIRE-A-RINGTAIL is now live!

i've streamlined and simplified the process of getting work from me from the back-end outward, ensuring automatic/proper organization of commission details on my end, etc.

if you'd like some work from me, i'm no longer doing the "commission slots" thing---everything goes through now instead :3

feel free to boost! thank you <3

My roommate @Gorath just did this cool ass trans rights shirt pic for me!

thinking about going to my local gun and weapons expo and getting an authentic wakizashi in order to study the blade

when you see someone from the fed join the discord for a podcast you follow religiously

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