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@Chel said I should do this o,o

Hiiiiiii I'm Hazel (you can call me Zel or Zelli :) ). I'm a trans girl pre-everything (but hopefully not for much longer). I love music and I wanna write music!! And I like games. I play fighting games but I'm bad.

Feel free to say hi! I'm super-shy but I love hearing new music and talking about music and food and games and being told i'm cute I MEAN MEETING NEW FRIENDS :')

trying not to go full doomer and failing miserably

First piece of the year and I'm SUPER proud of it!! A babyshower for @Zelli feat. Dumpling, Mochi, Ileana, Adela, Lemuria, Natalia, and Jules!
#mastoart #illustration #creativetoots #digitalart #furry

Secret Santa for @Zelli :'3 and I'm sure she's really getting annoyed with me tagging her in so much to update my Social Media!
#mastoart #illustration #creativetoots #digitalart #furry #scifi #alien #rabbit

UPDATE 2: I really gotta pick up the fuckin pace now huh

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UPDATE: I have learned that the key to power is never logging off. I am now functionally immortal

i have decided that i will become powerful enough to threaten the galaxy

my girlfriend after i bring up how janeway and sasuke are my crossover ship

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