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Computer Fairies is currently semi-permanently locked for registrations due to automated spam, however, anyone is free to join with the permanent invite pinned in the news channel of our Discord server:

computer fairies is officially online and working! thank you to @noelle and @troubleMoney for their help in getting it all to work again in the new server

the entire underlying system is migrated, however old media prior to the migration will still be missing until it all gets migrated to our new s3 bucket, at which point we should be 100% back

Sidekiq threads have been optimized and increased, hopefully once the backlog is churned through things should start to work more smoothly. Thank you for flying Computer Fairies!

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Our Sidekiq is getting a little hammered ATM and service should be unresponsive for a while until it clears up, sorry for the inconvenience

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Registrations temporarily disabled to while spam accounts are dealt with. In the mean time, users are free to create and share invites for new users to join.

If you want to stay up to date with server announcements, report outages or just hang out with our community, join us at the Official Computer Fairies Discord!

We don't have much to add to the discussion at all but as an official statement, Computer Fairies stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests happening across the USA and other countries.

Sorry for the delay! The media disk is now finally resized and we shouldn't run into the new limit so soon. Media functionality should be restored now, if you find any issues please notify us. Thank you for using Computer Fairies!

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Server should be back up but we're still resizing the media disk, so media uploads are going to be broken for a while. Please enjoy a text-only Mastodon experience until the upgrade is done :P

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We need to do a quick restart in order to increase the media disk's storage space, please bear with us while systems go down briefly in the next few minutes!

If the previous boosts from this account don't make it clear enough, Computer Fairies is strictly a no-TERF zone. We welcome LGBTQIA+, queer, otherkin, furries, and other minorities alike. We don't welcome those who disagree with our existence. Radfems fuck off.


trebuchet terfs into the sun

Registrations are currently locked as we're experiencing an increased number of spammers. If you or someone you know would like to join Computer Fairies meanwhile, feel free to ask us for an invite!

Instance block rec /sexual abuse threats/mention 

Not sure if this guys name has already been passed around but has made rape threats against ppl

instance meta is blocked and their IP firewalled against.

A reminder that Computer Fairies stands against loli fetishizing and underage sexualization and pornography. If you see any posts supporting those views, please report them to us. Thank you.

Computer Fairies is 2 years old today!

🎉 🍰 🎊

Computer Fairies now has support for incoming markdown-formatted toots from thanks to help from @multiple_creatures!

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