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Apple HyperCard (1987) with Computer Chronicles clip featuring the creator, Bill Atkinson from Apple

Wikipedia -

HyperCard is a software application and development kit for Apple Macintosh and Apple IIGS computers. It is among the first successful hypermedia systems predating the World Wide Web. HyperCard combines a flat-file database with a graphical, flexible, user-modifiable interface.

Photos from the race last month have arrived. I APPROACH (the finish line)

ambient work thoughts, transphobia 

It's a weird feeling, watching a politician praise work that you had a hand in, when it's evident from his record that he would also vote against your personhood

The money we've gotten so far has been a huge help, and i'm really grateful, but we're still less than halfway towards our goal, and costs aren't getting any lower, as well as the cost of living here getting worse, anything else you can spare helps, and all boosts are welcome, we need the help to try and stabilize our lives and be happy

Images, nonhuman/feral characters, transformation 

#drawings today, weretiger transformation and a horse; another horse and a couple of wolves. Also I was listening to Infected Mushroom again.

I was a gentle creature last night, but if anyone saw the way I just consumed eight of these spicy dill chicken nuggs, they’d del Toro Wolfman me

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The dill pickle flavoured chicken nuggets from Burger King are an op targeting trans women who eat meat and I’m painting a big bullseye on myself

commission opening, stories, lewd and furry and gay 

Hey ladies, lads, and comrades! I'm just about finished with the first commissioned story I've taken in a hot minute (will share as soon as I get the thumbs-up from the commissioner and I give it one last editing pass myself), and I finished another 2000 word story a couple weeks ago.

Do you want bespoke, queer as fuck literary works of your own? Go check out my page and put in a request!

i've released a new version of the gameyob gameboy emulator for DSi, it includes all the new features i've worked on so far
- pocket camera mapper support
- color correction for GBC screen approximation
- custom palettes for GB games


Taking my full moon energy tonight and applying it to making low FODMAP blueberry scones with lemon glaze for my partner. It’s not as fun as bringing her 65% of a deer I caught, but she appreciates this more.


Sudden insecurity that I am annoying to the people who know me well enough that I don't mask around them. The reasonable part of my brain knows this is very unlikely, otherwise they wouldn't stay around me or reach out to me, but I am extremely pattern-based, and many of my life's patterns have been thrown into disarray several times already in 2023. Right now it's a challenge for me to be secure about anything outside my body.

message for cis people about the trans genocide 

hey cis people

shit's really ramping up with this whole trans genocide

you're gonna start seeing a lot of posts where trans people are trying to crowdfund an escape from one of the places where they're actively being genocided

if you're wondering what can you do to materially help trans people survive the arriving shitstorm... BOOST THESE POSTS

your boost could be the one that makes a difference and puts it in front of the right person to donate


I get my money for nothing and my air-dried waves and ringlets for free

It feels good to be running on a training schedule again, after two weeks off to recover from the race. My next race is a goofy lark all the way in mid-June, but I really need to build on my current level of fitness. I'm the strongest runner I've ever been, but my main race this year, Squamish 50, has 11,000 ft of ascent and descent, and it's already defeated me once. I need that 50-mile finish in August, and it's gonna take a lot of hill repeats to get there.

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werewolf transformation art 

A commission by of me doing what I wish I did best. I’m feeling it. Can you tell?

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