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-10 degrees today, everything is covered in ice. Perfect time for lots of #tea (and #dragons, always dragons)

Selfie, eye contact, boosts ok, #FFF 

Haven't posted a fresh selfie (or for FFF) in a while so you get this rare one =u=

Face is dry af, thanks winter,,,

I'm still cute tho


Please look at this amazing commission of my koboldsona by @firstprogenitor !!!!!!! Look how cute she is!!! I'm dying!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Lord of the Rings, positive, behind the scenes [2] 

Also: the chainmail loops were made from an industrial hose, which was light and made of plastic, but it looked like real metal, which meant the actors could wear the chainmail without it being super heavy.

Also also: every sword was made 4 times - once as a real sword, then once as a "scale sword", for doing the whole "hobbits are small" thing, then again as a rubber safety sword, then again as a liteweight sword for the fast action scenes.

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Lord of the Rings, positive, behind the scenes [1] 

I'm watching some behind the scenes stuff about the lord of the rings movies, and holy heck they did so much more than I thought they did.

They got *actual armor smiths and a sword smith* to smith the armor and swords, in forges they had in their workshop.

They had 2 people who spent the entire 3 years just sitting in a room making chainmail links (and they interviewed one of them and he was like "this is the most amazing thing I've ever done")

re: fabrication/forgery 

@unascribed hold on, I made another new world and it did have the fabrication changes carry across - I'm not entirely sure what the difference between the two worlds was.

I'll generate that log for you, but idk how insightful it will be, given that it seems to be working now.


Hi Una!

I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding how to get forgery working. I can select various things in the options menu, but the server side tweaks don't carry through when I start a new game, only the client side things do.

How do I get a singleplayer world to match what I've selected in the fabrication config?

modded minecraft, request 

I'm starting a modded minecraft 1.16.4 playthrough soon, do any of y'all have any mod suggestions?

Favourite mods, or mods I might not have heard of?

(Using the forge mod loader, so I can't access fabric mods, unfortunately)


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