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the construction of the edge bits is incredibly clever and looks really snazzy... and now it's time for bag 5 and an upside-down clone

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all my other lego is from decades ago, i don't think i've ever seen just a classic 2x4 this pristine

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so to use youtube-dl you need to use an up to date version

if you download through pip or even pacman you get a version from 2021

if you try to update that, it tells you it can't update because you installed it with an external package manager

and if you try to install it manually using their binary, it's been taken down

i love the future

PSA: you can make a bootable CD from a floppy image (for example, for using boot floppy images on a retro laptop which has optical but no floppy drive) using imgburn and going into the advanced tab like so

just got my copy of Fun Home by Alison Bechdel in the post and started thumbing through the first few pages. i'm using a Windows 98 era wi-fi card as a bookmark because i had it around because i also just got it in the post. i think there's no better picture to represent me

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