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"webp is great for compression" no shit dipsquat it's lossy

Good news everyone, MS-DOS is not affected by the #WebP image vulnerability!

All other operating systems and software you can think of (browsers, messengers, anything Electron-based, drawing programs, e-mail clients, etc. etc.) are so be sure to update everything you have.

If a program got a "performance improvements and bug fixes" update just after the 12th of September then it probably was vulnerable to this.

See this article for more information:

some people really don't understand that hardware and software are two different things

god i get triggered by the mere mention of certain people on my notifications tab

hi please hire me to make you pixels i'm broke and unemployed and i need the money thanks for having boosted this post already i know you won't have failed me 💜

hopefully they also remove the feature for blocked people to see your messages

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discord removing the feature to let you see blocked messages on mobile only is the one good thing they've done in a while, hopefully they'll remove it on desktop soon too or better yet remove the tombstones altogether

we're still dogging on each other just as much only without a singular warden

we've become the wardens

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also should point out how the transfem instances that get demonized and blocklisted all the time are some of the few places mad and mentally ill transfems are welcomed moreso then merely tolerated
It's okay to take up space and talk about whatever you feel is important to you, regardless of if it annoys people who follow you

You're not here to be a content creator who caters to what others want. You're here to be yourself. Others have tools to mute and filter you, don't worry about them.
👾 to transfems who have been targeted, harassed, character assassinated, lied about, threatened, and forced to leave your instance just because you dared to speak out against a self-proclaimed authority over all of fedi

if you need a new home you will be welcomed here on TLA, or any of our sister instances listed in the badges on our about page:

here we keep each other safe, we support our sisters. even if you have previously sided against us, it doesn't matter to me. if you need shelter, Translunar Academy's docking ports are open is a closed instance with a tight community. but if you're being harassed and you have a clear history of not being an abuser, you're welcome here. send me a dm.
we're hosted on transfemme infra, running a queer-ass instance software, and run by an outspoken trans doll (me!). we're not gonna attack you for being outspokenly you


re: drama, schadenfreude and catharsis 

i'm feeling real good about how all the dickheads that have been chasing me down in this here website since 2017 are getting their just desserts, honestly

i don't wish them ill, i just wish for what they brought on themselves

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