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Hey admins! Show more

Hey admins! Show more

kinda considering removing the feature altogether from computer fairies again

the update to column sliding in mobile mastodon which made it so you can see the slide happening did nothing to fix how sensitive it is

mastodon 1.6.0 was kinda half-cooked huh?

@squirrel I hear running DOS can solve that problem by eliminating your ability to communicate with anyone or get anything done

Some People Use Windows Get Over It

don't be that person that gives unsolicited OS advice

am trashy squirrelbun feed me greasy pizzas

while i got y'all's attention:

The Space Adventures Of General Mibi is a space opera composed entirely for the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth soundfont as a tribute to 90s MIDI music

it has been probably my biggest project so far

and it is now available on bandcamp!

please give it a listen if you haven't already

(or listen again, see if i care) computerfairi.es/media/y53ny1D

print debug toot - 103 boosts
first general mibi toot - 45 boosts
second general mibi toot - 15 boosts