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who came up with the idea of adding salt to food anyway?

"we should put some of that rock on our dinner"

"you what mate?"

"mmm, tasty rock" i mean animals've been licking rocks for ages, it's not a big jump

@troubleMoney I worry more about bleu cheese.

"Pierre, my apprentice! How goes your new cheese?"
*Pierre whips off the serving tray lid*
"That... Perhaps you should start over. Let's just discard-"
*Pierre shoves it in his mouth and chews, staring his master dead in the face the entire time*

@bluestarultor @troubleMoney I think is was more like this:
"The cheese has gone bad!"
"But it's all the food we've got!"

@quirk @troubleMoney Holy carp! That's amazing! Leaving his cheese in a cave for a whole month!? What happened in between!? I need to know more! XD

@bluestarultor @troubleMoney Someone needs to write a romance novel with this as the prompt 😊 πŸ’– ✨

@troubleMoney cows are known to have the habit of licking salt-covered rocks, so this idea probably predates humans

@troubleMoney who was the sicko that went around licking rocks

@troubleMoney Same as eggs

"Oh we should eat this thing that came out a chickens backside"
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