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flowery poetry
poetic flowers
radical guerrilla gardening
seeding poetry

There's only two genders: Dungeon and Dragon

*walks over the horizon, and ever so gradually moves hither*
*the horizon is far away*
*the walking takes a while*
*finally gets close*
*closes in*
*keeps walking towards the opposite horizon*
*it, too, is far away*
*the walking takes a while*
*crests a distant hill and walks off into the unknown distance, out of sight*

all birds originate from the ancient artefact of the skies known only to the world as The Bird Orb, or colloquially, The Borb

I'm not saying we should build a pocket dimension and fill it with cats, but, if we somehow stumbled into a situation where we could pour billions of dollars into making this a reality, we might want to consider the option

Did you know: @maple's instance,, dates back to the 70s? I unearthed a classic logo from those early days:

Disembodied voice: if you walk without rhythm, you won't attract the worm

Me: thank the yods

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that subtle shift in ambient computer noise that happens when you close a resource intensive process

bop if you agree

They say it couldn't be done
*looks at an infinite regression of bongo cats snaking all across the universe*
I think what they meant was that it shouldn't be done, and they were right

*approaches the space station from really far away*
*slowly gets closer, in oh so imperceptible increments*
*the sheer magnitude of the vastness of space is accentuated by the time it takes to finally get there*
*finally gets there*
*continues to drift, ever onward*

I'm really thinking should close new inscriptions for good.
Not because it's a bad instance, but because it's still used by too many people as the default entry point into the Fediverse. Also, with every now users, the human and financial cost of maintaining it keeps growing and it really takes a toll on the project's resources.

she dreamt she was a bulldozer
she dreamt she was alone in an empty field

[long silence]

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