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I've been waiting all day for a delivery that is now an hour late. I'm going to cause it to arrive in the next 60 seconds by applying a coat of polish to my fingernails

lesbians are so great, they get so much done in a day

One day in 2001 you opened a .sit file, and you never knew it would be the last time

werewolf thoughts / angst 

I want to change. I want it to hurt. I want it to feel real. I want to have to tell myself “you asked for this” as I try to keep myself from screaming. Bone warps and skin stretches almost faster than it can grow. A trillion needle-pricks of hair sprouting. The fire in my fingertips and toes as claws grow in. I want to break this human form that’s wrapped around me like an eggshell.

My greatest loss stemming from transition is that I can go no longer be a sleepy guy with my pyjamas and sleeping cap, carrying around a candle and mumbling that the noise I heard that woke me up is probably just the wind. I will never get that back.

3... 2... 1... and leftover sales are open!

did you miss your opportunity to pick up a World Beyond transmasc sci-fi zine last year? want a specific merch item?

now's your chance! sales are open until June 1st or supplies run out, so act now!

My coach told me she thinks I could handle running the 100km course at Black Canyon next year. I want to do it but I don’t know by what metrics I would decide whether or not it’s safe for me to go back to America. January 2024 isn’t that far away. I don’t have much hope that things will stop getting worse by then, much less get better.

Full moon in two days. It starts the day before for me and I can already feel it.

A brief chat with a friend where we vent about stuff and then mutually acknowledge the relief that comes from being able to vent? That’s brain magic, baby

I won't be making any more trips to the United States at any point in 2023. It's not worth the terror.

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