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FNTI*- CryptoParty am 06.04.2022

Das Gute an einer #CryptoParty ist, eins muss nur hingehen.

Die Magie passiert dann ganz von selbst:

Du wirst etwas Neues gelernt haben.
Du wirst Wissen geteilt haben.
Du wirst besser über die Realität des digitalen Alltags Bescheid wissen.
Du wirst mit Hilfe Deines neuen Wissens für Dich stimmige Entscheidungen treffen.

Dieser Prozess wird sich manchmal wie Arbeit anfühlen, er wird mit Umstellungen und neuen Gewohnheiten verbunden sein.

Aber am Ende wird jeder Schritt nach #Empowerment schmecken.

Also, einfach hingehen:

06.04. um 19 Uhr CEST

Online über BigBlueButton

Nur für Frauen, Enbies, trans* oder inter* Personen

#Berlin #FNTI #DigitaleSelbstverteidigung #Datenschutz #workshop

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FNTI* CryptoParty on April 6th 2022

The good thing about #CryptoParty is: all you have to do is *be there*.

Then the magic happens all by itself:

You will have learned something new.
You will have shared knowledge.
You will have a better understanding of the realities of digital life.
You will be able to make informed decisions.

Sometimes, it will feel like work. It will entail adjustments and changes, some new habits, too.

But in the end every step will taste like #Empowerment.

So, just be there:

2022/04/06 at 7 pm CEST

Online via BigBlueButton

For women, enbies, trans* and inter* people only.

#Berlin #privacy #FNTI #DigitalSelfDefence #workshop

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✨️ Mein neuer Webcomic! 🎉️

Gerade frisch erschienen - „Contra Chrome“:


Untertitel: Warum #Google​s Browser #Datenschutz und #Demokratie gefährdet.

Featuring Shoshana Zuboff, vegane Piranhas und alles, was ihr immer schon über #Chrome wissen wolltet aber nie zu fragen wagtet!

Online lesen oder kostenlos downloaden. In jedem Fall viel Spaß! 😊

Und wenn der #Comic euch gefällt, bitte boosten, tweeten, weitersagen!

#comics #webcomic #webcomics #kunst

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✨️ I made a thing! 🎉️

Check out my brandnew webcomic, "Contra Chrome":


Subtitle: How #Google‘s browser became a threat to #privacy and #democracy.

Featuring Shoshana Zuboff, vegan Piranhas, and everything you ever wanted to know about #Chrome but were afraid to ask!

Read and download for free – hope you like it! 😊

And if you do, please spread the word! :boost_ok:

#comic #comics

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Hey there tigers,
Happy Lunar New Year!

Let me attempt an overdue re-.

I‘m Dirk, a -based artist.

and dad, pronouns are he/him.

Tooting in English and German, about comics but also and , which I‘m very passionate about.

Every now and then I'll post bits and pieces of my current project about ‘s invisible people.

Feel free to follow or comment my soliloquies.

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Went to a (very queer) zine festival in Helsinki yesterday, came back home with a heart filled with queer love & joy, and a bag filled with goodies!

A very belated Happy New Year everyone!

I didn't toot much these last months, for lack of time and energy, but very much enjoyed reading what y'all are up to.

So thanks for the news and feelz and occasional crazy sparks.

Hope in 2022 there will be less chaos and more time to chat with you. 🌠​

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If you use #GMail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt, and even if you didn't buy the product from them. Here's metadata from my takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc. #privacy

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