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Mega Man Legacy Collection made playing through the original Mega Man games tolerable by just having rewind and save state features.

I'd swear if they weren't there I wouldn't have gotten far in any of them.

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sweetness levels are 69% and steady

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

I am such a dork that every time I see art involving a butt I just end up quoting that dumb game informer video where Dan Ryckert wears google glasses briefly and goes "ha... it was a butt"

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For some reason I dreamt something a 13-year-old would've came up with:

A cartoon series where 2-3 original characters jump to various cartoon universes and stop the villains.

It's like Captain N but more broad. And with a less douche-y protagonist.

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Hey, a heads up: if you've done the Fall Creators Update yet on windows 10 PLEASE look up how fast the esp8266 adc can go myu and awoo and gay

A discord server I'm on talked about why Spaceballs hasn't had a sequel yet.

I then pointed out there was a cartoon series about ten years ago and it was absolute T R A S H

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donate to my girlfriend noëlle so she can stop moderating

it's for a good cause

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Introducing the new Sony Playstation.

Script by @jk
Music from NES Pictionary
Video from my living room and Sony

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for when your child is assigned garfield at birth

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"are you amab or afab ?"

"i'm ahab and i'm gonna kill this fucking whale"

it's 7am and I am not ready to be awake cause late last night I was talking with a friend about what kind of board shorts I should look into.

Might as well squeeze in some more Zs before going to the doctor's office.

My birthday's a week away and I don't know what I'm gonna do.

I mean I could do nothing and wallow at the fact I'm in my early 30s and haven't done anything worthwhile...

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Remember to appreciate yr local squirrels! Like @maple !

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Every day I'm honestly surprised that there's people that like and appreciate me.

It's something I never really paid attention to until just now.

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