for the love of goddess please stop sharing links with tracking data

either way, I'm pissed off *professionally* about how they handled this. these clowns thought front-end work was unimportant; the homepage was an unstyled plain text header with a navbar and a simple pop-up login form that I simplified from a uselessly bloated 90kb to 11kb *that had content and styling.*

will make a longer, proper post on this sometime soon, but: do not buy from the closed species Pacapillars or its two main administrators, deviantArt users Nokkelborth and WolfyCade/StarburstSorbet. they cucked me out of a year's worth of pay for my front-end work on their website and refuse to pay me a dime.

thankfully, they cannot scamper off with my work, since I never gave anyone any code before pay, but working with them was a shitshow of a circus act.

Jelly: fruit juice only
Jam: juice and mashed fruit
Preserves: generic for jellies, jams, and conserves. used as marketing term for high fruit to juice ratio Jams.
Conserves: whole fruit cooked in sugar solution until soft but still whole.

(usage and distinctions vary by region)

70,000 CAN'T BE

no piglets sorry sweety i'm not bigoted its just a preference

If you're a furry in the Matrix are you a furry in real life

small victory for me being able to get to bed at a decent time tonight! work, I have conquered thee. 🎉

the real heroes are people who are still reading webcomics in the year of our lord 2019

this is a trans thing

i do not know or care whether this was designed to be a trans thing or even if it was made by a trans people. this is absolutely a trans thing

Proposal: Masc enbies are now "menbies" (if they want)


Every time I get to feeling too white, I run across something like an article describing tortillas as, and I quote, "burrito shells".

Burrito shells wtf is that!

If humans actually use 100% of our brains, then why are we *gestures wildly* like this??

Ancient Egyptian gods are actually the first fursonas and the hieroglyphs are actually art of these OCs as well as the first furry con photos.

tired: parasols are sun umbrellas
wired: umbrellas are wet parasols

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